Launches Fundraising Effort!

Today is launching a fundraising effort to help grow Australia's largest public Matrix service! Launches Fundraising Effort!
Money can be exchanged for goods or services...

So far has been quite affordable to run, this is mainly due to the generous free hosting that we've been provided with. The service itself, including all the side-services we run like this news site and our lemmy instance currently only costs around $30 a month to run.

We want to keep growing though, and it's not safe to just assume the free hosting we currently have will always be available. If it were retracted suddenly, this service would cost 10x more to run and that's not a position we want to be in.

Why not just put ads on

The service was designed to be ad-free, that's the appeal of it. There's a perverse trend of monetising human communications that we want to break free from. You shouldn't have to view ads in order to experience human connection, you also shouldn't need to give up your privacy for it!

Ads are the root cause of the internet surveillance growing out of control. Where advertisers have no issue profiling and collecting massive amounts of data from their users, all in the name of profit.

Advertisements are also detrimental to our mental health. As they often promote unrealistic standards of success, beauty, and happiness, creating a social comparison that can lead to feelings of inadequacy. Many ads also foster a materialistic worldview, suggesting that purchasing certain products or services will lead to happiness or fulfillment.

Our Patreon

So today we're launching a fundraising effort for the service, that's powered by Patreon: | Help support Australia’s largest public Matrix service! | Patreon
Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Join over 200,000 creators earning salaries from over 6 million monthly patrons.

We don't just expect you to give us free money however. So we're also going to host a show! Come September (hopefully) Mike will be starting a Youtube series! Checkout the following channels to see what we're up to:

Cryptocurrency Donations

We'll also be taking donations via cryptocurrency, if you're a libertarian hiding out deep in the woods who's concerned about their freedom be sure to wire us some coin:

BTC: bc1qyyzpudf4wq8qe20784ehv2jnmvemyyatxrq0w6
BCH: qrlrjx4r93zl2sm5ljclhyr2zxddzdjy0ur9kqp5xz
ETH: 0xc8e0B0BeB41eB7d7869f794d0b46f616B4154e5c
DOGE: DJNigo4recdwuGiXRzrATKB5gNUxhYm6Mx
XMR: 46NGWnX1KXbKyNZ3frL7zcKsgX2pQ4JkBHvhCooeHUmpAETx5ARiKN3bBaD6KkAYKoe1bAXTEpmmAEDr8yRiNeKBQJufVsf

So Donate today and help fund Australia's largest public Matrix service!